Adam West was MY Batman, and Yours, Too!

If you are a guy or gal my age, you remember tuning in to ABC as a kid, watching Batman and Robin climb the buildings by rope, chatting with residents along the way. We didn’t really care about the plot. We just liked the colors, the BAM! POW! BOOM!  Who can forget the Riddler, the Joker, Catwoman (!), in all their day-glo glory? Sure, it was cheesy, but it was definitely a time capsule that is worth revisiting now and then. Adam West had a hard time finding legitimate work after that, but he is definitely a part of our kids’ and grandkids’ lexicon as a member of the Family Guy cast. I guess we’ll have to explain to them why this one really hurts, and how he was famous a long time before he became mayor of Quahog. RIP Adam West. The Bat Cave won’t be the same without you.



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