Animal Lovers You’re Gonna Love This!

Our good friends at ABC Air Power posted a new way to be hands free while walking the dog or cat. Just click on the high5dogs link to see photos. Great idea.

While Bluetooth has made much of life tangle — and hands — free, for those with dogs, there’s one tether you can’t let go of, literally: your dog’s leash.

However, a company has invented the better mousetrap, so to speak: High5Dogs lets you keep control of Fido in four ways, but the most interesting one lets you walk it hands free.

Its CLIC leash uses an integrated carabiner — yes, the metal loops rock climbers use — lets you clip the leash over your shoulder, meaning the dog stays secure, and you can still be free to carry your coffee, or your phone, or, likely, both.

The same carabiner makes it a snap, literally, to tether the dog safely if you have to leave your four-legged friend for a moment while you run into a shop to grab said coffee.

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