Balloon Race Excitement Builds!

My first Great Texas Balloon Race was in 2000. I was newly single, my son was recuperating from an auto accident, and I remember it was the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced. The last thing I wanted was to spend an hour, much less a few days, on blistering concrete. But, with all the upheaval in my life, I went. I needed a break. What fun it was! I’d never seen a balloon glow before. Can’t remember who played that night. I only remember the heat and the camaraderie. I couldn’t believe people would show up willingly to get sunburned and dehydrated. Now, I can’t imagine NOT attending. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the London Olympics, and it coincided with GTBR, and I actually felt guilty! The Great Texas Balloon Race is an event that gets inside you, something you anticipate as a way to embrace rather than escape the July heat. And it’s just around the corner. Listen to The Ranch for ways to win tickets. If you don’t win, just buy a pair. You will have a blast! Just remember the bottled water and sunscreen. . .

Get a history of the Great Texas Balloon Race here. 




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