Big Bass Bonanza Memories

What was my favorite moment of the Big Bass Bonanza? Sure, we give away a load of money, killer prizes, and work our hineys off. But what always sticks out in my mind is the face of a kid when he or she weighs in a bass. There was one girl who was so excited she was about to burst. You could tell that her parents instilled a love of the outdoors into her young mind. The young lady will grow up with such fond memories of that magic moment that she was the star of the show, when the crowd erupted in applause when the Weigh Master announced just how big that fish was, the one that she caught. Fishing is a sport that brings families together and creates memories like no other. You can’t get that from playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty on a video console.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. Here’s to a fantastic tournament in 2018 and beyond!

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