Why Buying Local Matters. . .

Tuesday is Amazon Prime Day. Like many of you, I’ll be hit with special after special after special, and I may even be tempted. We will be beckoned to buy items we don’t need, Christmas presents that aren’t necessary, clothes we haven’t tried on, all for the seductive premise of saving a buck or two and delivery IN TWO DAYS!! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to return something to Amazon because it didn’t work, fit, or whatever, and I am hit with a delivery fee that nearly matches the price of the item I received. All because I was too lazy to get in the car and buy it locally. Amazon is good for some things. For example, I really enjoy watching movies and reading books from the site. It is also pretty cool for securing things I can’t get in East Texas. But I’d rather see, touch, and try on before I buy. That’s why I bought my truck tool box at an East Texas merchant instead of from Amazon, even though I could have saved 50 bucks. That’s why I bought my television from a brick and mortar in East Texas, even though it meant having to spend more. Whether it’s a chain or a mom-and-pop, our East Texas stores pay local taxes, and employ our friends and neighbors. Blindly giving all our money to Amazon hurts us all. So Tuesday, when you are being bombarded with deal after deal after deal, please take a moment, breathe deeply, and ask yourself how difficult it would be to just drive to a local business and get the Same. Dang. Thing. . . without having to wait TWO DAYS.  Believe me, the cost is about the same, except for the fact that you gain civic pride when you shop local, and help keep those shops from becoming empty shells. Isn’t that worth more?

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