Girl Blames Social Media for Sister’s Instagram Car Crash Death. . . Whaaat???

You may have heard about the California teen who was Instagramming while allegedly driving under the influence with her two sisters as passengers. Read about it here.  Well, the ensuing video speaks for itself, with the driver uninjured in the crash, but killing one of the sisters and injuring the other. The driver CONTINUES TO INSTAGRAM AS HER SISTER LAYS DYING! So now, the driver is in jail, and the surviving injured sister is  saying it isn’t her sister’s fault at all, that social media made her do it. Think about that. . . a social platform forced you to make a bad driving decision, forced you to wreck, and forced you to watch your sibling die. Where is the empathy? This poor kid is seen panicking in the video, begging her sister to slow down and get off the phone. You can hear her saying “She’s going to kill me!” And it turned out to be heartbreakingly true.

And yet, is it all that surprising? A lot of us do the same thing every day, answering a text on the sly while we’re behind the wheel, or checking our email. No one’s gonna know, right?

Starting September 1st, it will be illegal in the state of Texas to text or read using any digital device while driving. Let’s get in practice now. Use your bluetooth to dial numbers and talk. Some cars are equipped with software that will even “read” your text messages for you. The new IOS for iPhones will feature a sensor that knows when you’re driving and will alert the caller or texter of such. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Let’s focus on reaching our destination, rather than becoming the latest Darwin Awards recipient.



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