Help ME: Where Do I Send My Kid To College?

Being a parent is fun but it is also scary. Especially, when you have to start thinking about your babies heading off to college. Where can they get the best education? Can we afford it? Is it close to home? The list goes on and on and I know I am not the only parent that is in this same boat. Well, maybe this will help the U.S. News & World Report announced the 2018 Best College Rankings to help students and their parents research more than 1,800 U.S. based universities.

Here is a quick breakdown:

National Universities

1. Princeton University (NJ)

2. Harvard University (MA)

3. University of Chicago (tie)

3. Yale University (CT) (tie)

Texas universities to make the Best National Universities

Rice (14)

UT Austin (56)

SMU (61)

Top Public Schools – National Universitie

1. University of California-Berkeley (tie)

1. University of California-Los Angeles (tie)

3. University of Virginia

Texas universities to make the Best National Universities (Public Schools)

UT Austin (18)

Texas A&M (25)

UT Dallas (73)

To check out the full list click HERE!



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