I Love Dolphins!

A viral video captures the adorable moment four dolphins become transfixed on a pair of squirrels.

The Daily Mail shared video taken at Sea World in Orlando, Florida that shows the moment four dolphins in their tank were completely mesmerized by two squirrels.

A Sea World employee who was on break was passing by the dolphin nursery and shot the video.

In the video, two squirrels appear, on a hunt for food just outside of the dolphin’s nursery.

The dolphins are instantly amazed at the two squirrels and followed their every move.

When the squirrels move to the opposite side of the tank the curious dolphins follow them.

A fifth dolphin then swam by and quickly turned around to gaze upon the squirrels.

The squirrels appear to be focused on looking for food.

With any luck this will be made into a feature-length animated Disney film.

-ABC AirPower



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