I’m Older Than This Stuff. . .

My birthday is this weekend (the big 5-4), and there were quite a few things that were only weeks/months away from happening:

The invention of touch tone phones

The use of an artificial heart pump

The assassination of John F. Kennedy


Zip Codes (yes, I’m older than zip codes)

Civil unrest in Birmingham and other areas of the South


My birthday is shared with George Michael and basketball great Willis Reed (I went to school with his son. RIP Karl). Both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died (on the same day!) on my birthday.

Prince released the Purple Rain album on my birthday.

Great movies like Independence Day and Who Framed Roger Rabbit first hit theaters on my birthday.


And somewhere, lost in all that coolness, is me. Just an ordinary guy, but oh so blessed to have seen and experienced so many amazing things in my life. So lucky to have two sons who love me in spite of my faults, and a pretty awesome way to make a living. Thanks to all of you who make coming to work so much fun. I’m gonna blow out the candles now, before the fire department is summoned. . .



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