Michael Phelps Jumps the Shark, and That is Sad.

Michael Phelps, how could you?

One of the most hyped events of Shark Week has been the Michael Phelps / Shark Race. Well, it aired last night, and people tuned in to see what it was all about. What. A. Ripoff. Turns out the Olympian did not truly race a shark at all, but rather a computer simulation of a shark, based on the data and swimming habits of a great white shark. He was actually racing a virtual reality Jaws! Where’s the danger in that? The rub was that viewers were not told this until near the end of the broadcast. The race itself was less than a minute, and Phelps lost! To a computer-generated shark! Needless to say, the audience was not happy. Sure, it’s obvious that it would be dangerous to swim with a shark, but why was it promoted that way? Mr. Phelps, this will do nothing to enhance your public image. Discovery Channel, we’ve all discovered how low you will go to get ratings. I’d rather watch a Sharknado marathon before being duped like that again, and that is truly saying something. . .

Find out more about the Phelps “race” here. 



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