My Naked Truck Is About to Get Bling!

So I bought a new truck a few months ago. First truck I’ve had in years! It isn’t a big truck, but apparently I have short friends, who have been complaining about having to climb up to get in. So I thought I’d price running boards. I had no idea there were so many to choose from! And so wide a price range! I did my research online, then decided to check out some local truck accessory places. I tell ya, when you walk into one of those joints, all you see are the many ways you can pimp your ride (never mind the dollar signs). I really wanted the boards that cost about 400 on the internet, but I discovered that my choice was much more expensive. It’s all good, because I certainly didn’t want to install them myself, and needed an East Texas dealer to back up the purchase. Anyhoo, I expected to just buy the running boards, but then I spied this super cool tool box. I never wanted one of those big ones that mount behind the back window, but this one was different. It’s a swing box that mounts just above one of the wheels. It stays hidden in that wasted space until you need it. Then you just drop the tailgate, swing out the box, and voila! Storage! Gonna put my jumper cables and bungees in there so they don’t have to sit underneath my passenger seat any longer. Posted a pic of my naked truck above. I’ll update once this stuff is installed. I need more ideas! What did you do to bling your truck?



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