No officer, that’s not mine!

Breaking Bad‘s Walter White would not approve.

A 63-year-old man was hauled off to jail after a baggie full of crystal methamphetamine slipped out of his baseball cap while a sheriff’s sergeant was standing behind him at an Arby’s fast-food restaurant in Omak, Washington.

According to KOZI, Sheriff Gene Davis says he noticed a small clear baggie with white powder sliding out of the back of Richard Marsden‘s baseball cap as they both waited to place their lunch orders. When the bag slid out even more, Sheriff Davis grabbed it and detained Marsden.

Here’s where the story gets good: Marsden stated he forgot the baggie was there, otherwise he would have already used the drug.

The sheriff took Marsden to his patrol car, then went back into Arby’s to get his lunch to go before driving Marsden to the county jail.


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