ABC/Mark Levine “Blow,” the new collaboration between Chris Stapleton and pop superstars Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars is your typical double-entendre rock and roll come-on, in which a guy tells a girl, “I’m comin’ for you/Pull my trigger/Let me blow your mind.” But the song’s video turns the idea on its head by flipping the gender, enlisting women to lip-sync along to Chris, Ed, and Bruno’s vocals.

The video is set in L.A.’s famed club The Viper Room, where we see an all-female band rocking out onstage.  Three different women of different races, all playing guitars, “sing” the rowdy song’s vocals — and in a nice touch, it’s a redhead who sings Sheeran’s parts.

Throughout the song, the women in the group all shred, punch the air and pull typical “male” rock-star poses throughout the video — the drummer even licks her drumstick suggestively.  The crowd, made up of all different races and genders, lose their minds.

Chris, Ed, and Bruno likely couldn’t coordinate their schedules so they could all appear together in the video, so this approach is a very clever solution.

“Blow” is on Sheeran’s new album No. 6 Collaborations, which arrives this Friday.

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