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A busy mom of four has candidly shared her New Year’s resolution and and has become a viral star for it.

Eliza Morrill, co-owner of the parenting blog, Momstrosity, shared her 2019 goal on the blog’s Facebookpage.

In the post, Morrill, 29, admits that she usually strives to show the best version of herself. But this year she “can’t.”

“I am knee-deep in picky eaters, dirty diapers, temper tantrums, health issues, and repetitive dinners,” wrote Morrill, a resident of Columbus, Georgia. “This is not my year to run a marathon. This is not my year to drink two gallons of water a day, or to make healthy, home-cooked meal every night, or serve on all of those committees.”

She went on, “It is my year to survive.”

Mothers on Facebook applauded Morrill for her honesty and for pointing out the constant pressure to be perfect — especially online.

“A lot of moms find their worth in social media, which I’m guilty of too,” Morrill told Good Morning America. “But sometimes, life isn’t what people would deem Instagram-worthy. I’m trying to tackle the dishes. I am not going to post that on Instagram. For 2019, I need to be OK with the fact that my laundry will be sky-high.”

She added, “I’m going to keep my kids alive and keep my house from falling apart and you guys do you, and I’m going to do me.”

“This is the most accurate picture of mom hood yet so cute too,” one woman commented.

“This is so true,” said another. “I will pin it at my mirror, my fridge, into the doors of every single closet, at the kid’s room entrance…”