My First Concert. . . The King!

I remember it so well. I was 13, and Elvis was coming to the Rapides Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana. Tickets were 20 bucks and were already sold out. My mom had an extra ticket but she made me pay for it. I was earning minimum wage ($3.35 an hour) as a student math tutor. So 6 hours of tutoring yielded me a ticket behind the stage. My mom loved it. Me? Not so much. Elvis was really bloated, but it was what we were used to at the time, I reckon. He would turn around to face us constantly and throw sweaty scarves our way (none of us caught any). I recall he sang C.C. Rider, and he hardly moved. Think George Strait or Conway Twitty when they sang live. But Elvis was SUPPOSED to move! What was up with that? He performed less than 60 minutes, no encore, then we heard the immortal “Elvis has left the building.” Six months later he was dead. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see Elvis, even if it was in his final drug-addled phase.

What was your first concert? Did you ever see Elvis perform live? Do tell!



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