Garth Brooks to play Notre Dame Stadium!!!

It’s been very well documented that Notre Dame has had a long history of dominant football teams that strap on the gold and navy each week to step onto that iconic field in search of their next national title. What you may NOT know is that in the entirety of Notre Dame history, there has never been a concert held on that hallowed ground. Well……all that is about to change. On his most recent “Studio G” Facebook Live segment, Garth Brooks hinted at something “Huge” coming, and that the announcement would be revealed at the beginning of the week. Well, my friends, the announcement was made, and there isn’t anyone NOT talking about it.

After decades of Notre Dame Stadium playing host to many of the nations top athletes from across the country, it will now play host to the nations top entertainer!!! Garth Brooks, along with officials from the University of Notre Dame, made a public announcement Monday stating that the intentions of the remodel that is currently underway, was to be able to host an entertainer. But not just ANY entertainer……..they wanted the one-and-only Garth Brooks. When asked why, the president of the university stated simply, “because Garth embodies the same values and character that we seek in our students.”

No official date has been announced, but keep tuning into The Ranch for details as they come.


-Chris Wayne



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