Global Warming or Not, This IS Scary!

Imagine an iceberg the size of Delaware weighing more than one trillion tons, floating aimlessly in the sea. No, this is not Titanic the movie. It is real life! This morning, a piece of ice that size broke away from Antarctica. It’s twice the size of Lake Erie! As of right now, scientists are not saying whether or not global warming played a part in this, but it sure does lend to the theory that rising temperatures will mean rising sea levels in our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetimes. I’ve seen reports that the United States map could lose much of the Louisiana and Texas coastline, with New Orleans and Houston permanently under water.

The upside? We are a month into summer, and our East Texas weather has not been as devastatingly hot as in years past. Of course, my saying that will probably jinx it and we’ll have a solid six weeks of 100+. My advice? Get out, enjoy life, don’t litter, and be kind to everyone. Don’t sweat the small stuff. . . or the big ‘bergs. Not much you can do about that one now.



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