Iguanas Dropping from Trees. . . Really!!!

It was so cold in Florida Wednesday night iguanas were falling from trees.

WPEC reports that Emily Maple, a reptile keeper at the Palm Beach County Zoo, said that iguanas are a cold-blooded invasive species and they are known to freeze when it gets below 45 degrees.

“They’ll fall out of trees. They’ll end up in areas where your cars are, parking lots, areas where they’re cold stunned,” she said.

“If it’s just for a day or two they’ll just get to where they’re completely frozen in time. They’re still able to breathe. They’re still able to do bodily functions just very slow,” Maple added. “Once it gets above 50 degrees they’ll start to activate and move around.”

So when you find them they’re not necessarily dead.

If the temperatures drop beneath 45 degrees for more than two days they will likely die, usually from pneumonia.

Residents finding the stiffened iguanas are advised to let them be, as they may feel threatened and bite once they warm up.

“Put then over to the side if you feel comfortable to put them in the sun, or put them off the road so you’re not running them over,” Maple said.

And they may just thaw out.


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