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Once Luke Bryan recorded his latest hit, “Knockin’ Boots,” he didn’t waste any time getting it to his fans.

“It was an interesting approach for me,” he explains. “I mean, most of the time I live with songs for quite a while before I go to radio… I was even wondering if I single something else off of What Makes You Country.”

“And then we went into the studio,” Luke recalls, “cut a few songs, and I went by the label and played ‘Knockin’ Boots.’ And the label lit up, and freaked out, and then next thing you know we got a single out pretty quick.”

The timing also worked because Luke was about the head out on the Sunset Repeat Tour with his pals Jon Langston and Cole Swindell.

“It was real organic, [I] didn’t plan it out,” Luke continues. “But the fact that, you know, we’re going into a big summer tour and hopefully ‘Knockin’ Boots’ will be a big fun summer anthem, and we can watch the fans get out there, and — maybe they’ll choose to do the boot knockin’ once they get home.”

“I can’t say I’m really against it happening at the show, but you know…” he jokes.

“Not during my set!” Cole interjects.

“You never know, Cole…” Luke laughs. “That’ll make you forget the lyrics quick, look out there and see that going on.”

You can check out Luke’s new video for “Knockin’ Boots” on YouTube now.

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