These Neighbors Put Up with Some Crap (literally)

I have never had neighbors like this. Heck, I don’t know if any of my friends would do this for me either. Check this out.

Haleigh Morrissey, from Alamo, California discovered her neighbors are number one, after they went through some literal number two to find the engagement ring she’d accidentally flushed.

After accidentally knocking the ring into the bowl Saturday, she was convinced it was gone forever.

However, ABC affiliate KABC-TV reports she and her fiancé, Dean Booras, soon found their neighbors willing to help.  They sifted, shoveled and slopped through the sewer line from their house to the street to try to find the ring — documenting their efforts on video but to no avail.

Lucky for them, however, one of their neighbors iias a building inspector. Ken Gunari suggested, “Turn on the bathtub, flush the toilet, [and] dump two five-gallon buckets of water into the toilet all at once.”

The move sent gallons of fresh water down the line and flushed out the ring — a little dinged up, but otherwise fine.



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