New Jersey Family Fined Thousands for Christmas Lights

Christmas fantasy - park, forest, pine tree & lodge in xmas lights

A family in the holiday spirit in Old Bridge, New Jersey is squaring off with a Scrooge of sorts. That Scrooge is city officials that are fining Tom Apruzzi for his Christmas lights display. The tradition of a big sdisplay at his home goes back 15 years for Apruzzi. But this year, some neighbors complained to the Mayor’s office and that has led to trouble for Apruzzi in the form of big fines. City officials said the Apruzzis have to pay a $3,000 fine every night he set up a light show for visitors. Is the city being short-sighted? Making the fines more perplexing is the fact that thefamily collects visitor donations to fundraise for a charity that houses severely injured veterans. Would you be annoyed? Given the cause, could you put up with the light show for a few weeks?



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