People Will Buy Anything

For those looking to stay cheaply in New York City, there’s a new listing on Airbnb: “Snowfort penthouse with lots of natural light.”

According to WABC, ABC News producer Michael Koenigs built a snowfort on his penthouse balcony after last week’s bomb cyclone snowstorm and decided to put it on Airbnb.

The listing reads, “This comfy snowfort is built to impress with its very own tunnel entrance, breakfast chair, and couch for sleeping (bring your own blankets–BYOB). It has sweeping city views and no roof to allow maximum sunlight exposure to help warm you up during the day. The 5 foot-tall snow wall offers some privacy from the prying eyes of nosey New Yorkers.”

The listing is only available for a limited time because the snowfort will melt.

The fort includes excellent views of the New York City skyline, a tunnel and Koenigs’ wife, who makes hot chocolate.

Video from Lifestyle News



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