Reba Reboot – Yay or Nay?

So I am hearing rumors that there could be a Reba Reboot in the works! What do you think about that, Yay or Nay? Here is what I am hearing. . .

If Reba McEntire has her way, a Reba reboot could become a reality.

Reba’s hit sitcom ran on the WB from 2001-2006, before moving to the CW for its final season. With new versions of everything from Full House to Will & Grace to Roseanne finding their way to TV, the country icon says her cast is raring to go.

“A Reba reboot? Absolutely we would!” she responds enthusiastically, when asked about the prospect. “Everybody was wanting to do that. We’d love it. If everybody else would go for it, meaning the heads of the networks and things, all the actors are for it, a hundred-percent.”

Reba even believes she knows what her alter ego, Reba Hart, would be up to.

“I think she’d become a travel agent, so she gets to go to all these places to check ’em out, before she has her clients go to ’em,” Reba explains. “Then she goes to this place, and she falls in love and tours the world with him, ’cause he’s real rich and he has a private plane.”

While fans wait for a Reba reboot, the musical icon’s next TV gig comes later this month, as she hosts the annual CMA Country Christmas special on ABC. You can catch it Monday, November 27 at 8 p.m. ET.



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