Sunday Morning Tent Revival w/ Sml’n Jack Benner

  • Sunday
  • 9:00am-10:00am

Where do I begin?  At the beginning of course. I was born (March 14, 1946), raised and graduated high school (1964) in Waco, Texas. I went on to get my Associate in Arts Degree from Hill Jr. College. God bestowed upon me many “gifts” (talents), not the least of which was my love of music. As a kid not quite 16, I played my first professional “gig” at James Connally Air Force Base. I played piano first but also trumpet and drums as time went on and I was lucky enough to play/tour/record with some really “big names” in my era. When I realized I probably wasn’t going to be a “super-star”, I settled down, got married, had a beautiful daughter, Jackie Ann Benner (Jones) and went to work in “the real world”. I moved to Tyler in 1982 and got into the “radio” business in Oct. of 1989.  Twenty-eight years later…I’M STILL HERE! My love for radio advertising and music all seemed to come together and that brings me to “The Sunday Morning Tent Revival”! I love doing this show! It gives me a chance to play some great old hymns, and gospel music by some of the same artist I worked with a lifetime ago.

I want to thank all the fans of the show and tell you how much I appreciate you listening and…telling your friends!  The latest Nielsen numbers rank the show as #1 in its time-slot and I get a good deal of emails requesting songs and artists. We try our best to play what YOU WANT TO HEAR. You keep sending ‘um…I’ll keep playing ‘um (


Sml’n Jack Benner