The cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home swung in for a very special visit to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal, dressed in their Spider-Man and Mysterio costumes respectively, along with Zendaya. who plays MJ, surprised patients recently with a special advance screening of the movie.

In a clip posted to the Children’s Hospital LA YouTube page, we see the trio popping in to kids’ hospital rooms and giving them high fives, selfies and autographs. Holland is even seen doing a backflip for some of the delighted patients.

“Hey man, I’m Spider-Man,” Holland tells one of the kids. “So, I fight the bad guys and so does Mysterio, we team up to fight the bad guys together, so we keep everybody safe.”

Another little boy tells him, “I love you, and that you shoot webs.”

“I actually used all my webs on the way over here,” Holland tells him.

OK, so maybe he couldn’t demonstrate all of Spidey’s powers, but he definitely brightened the little one’s day.